Information on Adam Horwitz the creator of Think Bold Group

AdamAdam Horwitz is an entrepreneur who dreamed about and set a goal to create a company worth a million dollars before he turned 21. This goal was set when he was just 15 years old. However, his goal was achieved in a much shorter time frame and he was able to break the million mark just before he turned 18.

The venture occurred over a period of three years along with many unsuccessful attempts at web ventures which were all self funded. He finally launched a successful product; the online course named Mobile Monopoly assists and teaches individuals on ways to make money in the generation of mobile type marketing leads.

The online course proved to be a hit and gained massive popularity earning Horwitz a six figure profit. He continued to add on more online courses and each of these product lines all proved to be successful and Horwitz achieved his goal that was set out just three years prior to his massive success.

The name of his company is Local (Mobile Monopoly) which is a multimedia type training platform that assists various business owners in methods in growing and expanding their product lines.

Horwitz claims that the journey part of watching a business grow into success is the part that excites him. Today he is involved in a venture known as Yep Text which is a service using text messaging. The service allows businesses to attract customers to their exact locations by using text messages that feature promotions and ads to the customers Smartphone’s.

Horwitz decided to target smaller business enterprises with the Yep Text service as he feels that the other services available for text messaging were more targeted to the list for Fortune 500 and the service seemed to be complicated in use. The Yep Text service provides smaller niche markets with an effective and easy way to promote their brands.

To date Horwitz is working on many other ventures and still spends time on expanding Yep Text. He believes in the theory of never giving up and advises young and aspiring entrepreneurs to believe in the possibility of reaching goals and dreams by taking action on a daily basis.

Adam Horwitz is an extremely talented and determined young man who can now say he achieved success by never giving up and learning from his failures. He teaches many up and coming entrepreneurs effective ways to earn lots of money online. His two courses known as Cell Phone Treasure and Mobile Monopoly have earned over $100, 000 each.

Adam finds joy and inspiration in playing games on his Xbox 360 and driving around in his 2010 Audi A5. This inspiring man has proven to many other aspiring entrepreneurs that motivation, drive and belief in a successful outcome can be achieved. Horwitz continues to find success in new ventures and believes in an open mind in the aspects of anything is possible when setting intentions and taking actions towards goals on a daily basis. Drive and determination is what proves to be effective in every venture Horwitz takes on.

Simple Strategies For Successful Email Marketing with Think Bold Group


These days, many people would like to learn how to successfully market through email and build a big list from visitors who enjoy the content on their website. If you would like to learn this, you are in the right place. In this article, I will be covering some of the key factors that can be used to your advantage.

One suggestion is to use a template that offers that ability to send each recipient a personalized greeting. When emails are addressed to them personally, people tend to respond to them more favorably and are not as likely to delete the message. It is very simple to set up personalization and it will allow you to develop closer relationships with your customers.

Make sure that the emails you send are personal in nature. Like other kinds of marketing, people will be much more likely to pay attention and respond to your messages if they feel personally connected to you. For example, you can include the reasons they signed up to receive your emails if you happen to have that information.

Offer an incentive to get website visitors to opt-in to your list and to give their permission so that you can send them email marketing messages. You can offer a coupon or discounts on a service or product you offer. Include a newsletter of whitepaper about your market or niche. Offer something to your prospect in return for getting access to their email inbox.

You need to get permission before placing someone onto your email list. If you don’t get permission first, you will get many complaints of people saying you are sending them spam. Your email provider could even end up closing your account. Always ask people to subscribe to your email list to prevent this from happening.

You will get more subscribers if you make it easy to subscribe. If you are the owner of a physical store, when customers make a purchase, ask for an email address. If you make sales from your website, when customers are checking out, ask for an email address.

One way to get customers more involved in other promotions is to do this through your email marketing. As an example, always provide several ways for readers to learn more about whatever the email is talking about. Every email should end with your website address and contact information. Encourage your subscribers to share your special promotions via the Facebook “Like” button. You can also direct readers to a video that demonstrates the best way to use one of your new products.

Use compelling subject lines to capture your readers attention. Use 30-50 characters to create urgency. Your subject line should indicate what readers can expect after they’ve opened the email. To increase their interest, offer readers an attractive incentive.

Put some thought into where links are placed in your marketing emails and newsletters. As an example, give readers a call to action before directing them away from the email. Also don’t place important links all the way at the end of your emails. They could end up being overlooked by your readers.

Diamonds might last forever, however permission does not. Even though you have a subscriber’s permission, around nine months or so renew it in some way. Prospects will not only feel respected, they will really identify with you and be interested in what you have to say.

Set expectations right on the email subscription form for potential subscribers. Let them know what you usually send them. Offer them information about what kinds of information will be contained in the emails and how frequently you send them. That should help to prevent someone expecting infrequent emails on the subject of cats, for example, being surprised when they receive a weekly email about dogs.

If you use the information and tips we provided to you in this article, it should give you the confidence you need to achieve success with your email marketing efforts. You can draw on this information any time you are trying to make your site even more successful.